Boho Chic Bedroom: Free-Spirited Decor Ideas

Are you dreaming of turning your bedroom into a boho-style sanctuary? Joining the global trend for Bohemian-inspired decor, it’s time to prepare to enter the world of free-spirited living with the help of comfortable and creative decoration ideas. Whether you’re an urban dweller or an outdoor enthusiast, the aim of boho chic is to bring a sense of energy and freshness into your bedroom – read on to discover how you can achieve this.

Boho Chic Bedroom Free Spirited Decor Ideas3
Boho Chic Bedroom: Free-Spirited Decor Ideas

Soft Natural Colors

Seeking to bring the outdoors in, a Bohemian bedroom’s walls should be painted in a natural hue such as cream, beige, white or grey. To achieve maximum effect, opt for a balance between accent walls covered in an energetic color and others in a complementary shade. That way, the energy is produced in just the right amount and yet your room retains its harmonious and calming atmosphere.

Boho Chic Bedroom Free Spirited Decor Ideas4
Boho Chic Bedroom: Free-Spirited Decor Ideas

Unique Ground Decor Pieces

To add some texture into the bedroom, there’s nothing better than ground furniture pieces such as rugs, vegetable-tanned leather bean bags, sheepskin chairs and stone benches. By filling the room with furniture pieces that appeal to all your senses, you’ll definitely achieve a free-spirited feel.

Lighting & Decorative Touches

When it comes to lighting, don’t worry if your overhead light is not on point – floor lamps, table lamps and wall sconces are practical and decorative solutions if you feel like your room is in need of additional illumination. Adding in some framed tapestries and unique blankets also works to set the tone – if you’re up to the task, you can also put together a wall mural, which will surely add flair to the greater design.

Putting the Boho Chic Bedroom Together

When styling your boho chic bedroom, think about it like a macrame wall hanging – all your elements have to come together to bring out a single look. To make the job easier, make sure you’ve chosen your predominant color palette and that you use it as a base for all the other features – like the curtains, blankets, pillows and other accessories – that you’re looking to add in.

Next, the time has come for the furniture pieces – wicker furniture is a must-have for any boho master bedroom, as wicker pieces are perfect for staying in line with the free-spirited vibe. Or, you can get a furry armchair, a cane ottoman and a wooden chest of drawers – all of these qualify as classic bohemian pieces.

Boho Chic Bedroom Free Spirited Decor Ideas1
Boho Chic Bedroom: Free-Spirited Decor Ideas

The Finishing Touches

The most important part of the boho chic bedroom design, aside from furniture and color alliances, is undoubtedly the accessories. With the goal of matching your relaxed bedroom atmosphere, choose accents that you’re passionate about and comfortable with. These accents might include statement pieces such as hand-made quilts, carpets with crocheted details, handmade weaved baskets, dream catchers and feathers. All these details should help to move your bedroom further away from a hotel vibe and more towards your individual unwinding corner.

Boho Chic Bedroom Free Spirited Decor Ideas2
Boho Chic Bedroom: Free-Spirited Decor Ideas

Surprise your Senses

If you’re a fan of aromatherapy, it can also help you to create a cozy boho chic corner. Different scents and pots of green plants come together to create a pleasant, serene atmosphere. Having lady slipper, bonsais, succulents and diffusers will bring the final touch to your project, fusing together the great outdoors with the warmth and comfort of an inspiring indoor bedroom.


These decor ideas have hopefully helped you to picture your perfect boho chic bedroom – now it’s time to make those dreams a reality. Choose your favorite design pieces, blend them in with your color scheme and gradually add some DIY touches to make it your own. It’s time to embrace the energy of the outdoor world and experience a brighter and more peaceful side of indoor living.

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