Garage Space Beyond Parking: A Transformation Guide
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Garage Space Beyond Parking: A Transformation Guide

When the word “garage” is spoken, we generally think of it as a place to park our vehicles, or a glorified storage unit. But typically, the garage is the largest room in a home and equipped with some of the best features any structure in the home could have, such as: shelter, elusive outdoor lighting, and a sturdy foundation. Thus, there’s lane for homeowners to envision something more beyond parking. It’s possible to transform a garage space into something vibrant and innovative. Not only for practical living benefits, but also for aesthetic appeal.

Garage Space Beyond Parking A Transformation Guide3
Garage Space Beyond Parking: A Transformation Guide

Benefits of Transforming a Garage

Garage transformation projects have become increasingly popular, not exclusively for its practical gains in living, but also for its potential as a family games room, an entertaining area, or even a lounging space for dates and parties.

Adequate Preparation for a Project

Homeowners must first understand the specific task that they are to undertake. Professional contractors or local DIY stores will be able to provide homeowners with an estimation as to what supplies will be required, what materials to purchase, and how much labour will be needed to successfully achieve the desired effect.

The simplest way to begin this project is to first figure out a cohesive design plan. This may include deciding whether to repaint the walls or replace the floor. To start the transformation process, it is recommended to begin work on the flooring first, followed by a complete interior and exterior painting job.

Sealed Concrete Garage Floors

For the floor, it is essential to properly prepare for the job to get quality results. It is critical to clean the surface and remove any debris from the area before starting the paint job. Also, make sure to sand any bumps or uneven parts of the floor to ensure a level surface, where paint, and chemical solutions can be evenly applied.

For garage flooring projects, two-part epoxy paint and sealer systems are invaluable tools. While more expensive in comparison to a single-part system, the two-part system offers a high-gloss void and heavy duty protection from gasoline, oil, grease, and other potentially damaging spills. To get the most out of the paint, grease and dirt buildup must be thoroughly cleaned from the floor.

Garage Walls & Ceilings

The walls and ceilings of any garage is rather low maintenance, but should still be included in any comprehensive transformation project. On the walls, do-it-yourselfers should consider painting the space using either latex paint or specially-designed paints for garages. These products are specialized to provide maximum protection and durability compared to regular house paint.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in any garage; but, it’s the ceiling and the environment one should focus on for long-term success. While paint can add some colour and brightness to the newly transformed space, it’s the superior standing and wall-mounted lighting fixtures that really illuminates the portion of your garage. The types of fixtures depend on the size and shape the garage is and the lights’ primary function. One may elect to install several fluorescent fixtures for an bright environment or stick with recessed lighting and LED-powered task lights for a more subtle but detailed appearance.

Must-Have Furnishings

No matter the size of the garage, there are a few must-have furnishings necessary for the conversion process. This includes various types of storage, seating, and hanging items off the walls. Depending on the size of the space, there is a vast amount of storage options available at most home improvement stores.

For seating, the decision is dependent on what the space is being used for. For a recreational space, a few foldable chairs with a portable table won’t take up much space and is relatively easy to clean and stow away. For a more formal space, try disguising foldable chairs and a table as a kitchen nook and enclosed by curtained off walls – perfect for private dates and dinner parties.

Garage Space Beyond Parking A Transformation Guide1
Garage Space Beyond Parking: A Transformation Guide


As there are many transformations available, it is important to be creative in crafting and maintaining the desired atmosphere that the garage can provide. The transformation of any garage might be a hassle, but it is worth the effort when one considers the potential living benefits and long-term use.

Garage Space Beyond Parking A Transformation Guide4
Garage Space Beyond Parking: A Transformation Guide


1. Is there an easy way to transform my garage?

Yes, there are plenty of DIY options available for transforming garages. However, it is advisable to be well prepared before undertaking any major project, such as ensuring that the right supplies are purchased and the necessary labour will be available to help.

2. What kind of floor do most garages have?

Most garages are equipped with a sealed concrete floor. With some cleaning and preparation, painting it with a two-part epoxy system gives the surface extra durability and protection from spills.

3. Are there specific paint products I should use on my garage walls?

Yes, when painting garage walls, it is best to use latex paint or specially-designed paint for garages. These products provide the best coverage while protecting the walls from wear and tear.

4. How important is lighting in a garage?

Lighting is very important in a garage space. It helps illuminates the area to provide a detailed, brighter environment – one that can potentially make the space more livable.

5. What type of furnishings should I consider for my garage?

Storage options and seating are the two most important factors for a livable garage. There are plenty of storage solutions available to find at most home improvement stores. For seating, a few foldable chairs and a table will suffice for a more casual environment. For more formal events, try having a kitchen nook with curtains, as well as changing the lighting fixtures.

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