Hidden Garden: Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants
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Hidden Garden: Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants

There is something so refreshing and soothing about lush greenery. Yet, for some, it seems that their need for a garden is an unrequited longing. Some do not have access to outdoor space or lack the green thumbs needed to curate a garden. But don’t fret! There are quaint and ecologically-minded solutions like having a ‘wall garden’.

Hidden Garden Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants 3
Hidden Garden: Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants

Bring Nature Indoors with Wall Gardens

Opting for a wall garden means that those living in urban areas can bring a deep connection to the natural world into their home or work environment. These gardens require just a few hours a week for maintenance and offer years of lushly visuals and calming sensations.

Wall gardens are generally created from customized rigid frames for simple and safe installation. They provide an aesthetically pleasing focal point coupled with a host of benefits. For starters, they increase the humidity in the air, as if one has a flourishing indoor foliage. This is beneficial for our respiratory systems since dry air can cause dehydration or abnormal mucus production.

In addition, wall gardens help to purify the air by creating an unseen physiological filter made of plants chosen for their abilities to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This naturally extends the life of the paintwork and prevents the development of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Types of Wall Gardens

A wall garden can range in complexity and size. One may choose to have hanging pots, vertical planters for larger frames, or ivy walls for moss walls. More complex installations will require more research as some plants can be toxic to children and pets.

#Having Hanging Pots

Hanging pots are near the top of the easiest wall pack to maintain, requiring very little regular upkeep or specific growing conditions. There are many options for hanging pots, from metal ones to the core-made ones. Hanging pots can look brilliant and can extend from a small corner of the wall for that splash of colour.

#Using Vertical Planters

For a passionate gardener, they can even choose to adapt a wall for a vertical planter. It is fun for those who enjoy the process of researching and curating plants for the different shapes and sizes and creating aesthetically pleasing arrangements. For those that don’t want to invest too much time in the initial setup process, pre-made vertical planters are available.

#Decide Whether You Want a Moss Garden

Moss is a desirable addition to a wall for those looking for a combination of stylish and low-maintenance. Moss gardens use pre-made frames to create a beautiful and natural look. Yet these gardens require a lot of research as some mosses can not survive indoors and therefore need special attention when it comes to selecting the right kind.

Hidden Garden Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants 0
Hidden Garden: Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants

Making Wall Gardens Can be Simple

The thought of having your own wall garden may seem like a daunting task; however, it doesn’t need to be. With the right know-how and the proper selection of plants, anyone can have their own healthy indoor wall garden pretty quickly. If you have the desire for a wall garden but lack the expertise in setting one up, you can avail the help of several specialized interior solutions companies.

Hidden Garden Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants 1
Hidden Garden: Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants


Q1. What type of wall garden should I consider?
A1. That depends on the amount of time and attention you are willing to put into maintenance. If you don’t have much time – then a simple hanging pot may be best. For a more complex installation, consider vertical or ivy planters pre-made wall gardens for an easy installation.

Q2. How often do I need to maintain my wall garden?
A2. It very much depends on the size and complexity of your wall garden. Simple hanging pots may require minimal weekly watering and monthly checking of soil and debris. For more complex arrangements, research and preparation of plants and weekly pruning could be necessary.

Q3. Is a wall garden safe for children and pets?
A3. It depends on the wall garden. Simple hanging pots may be alright. More complex arrangements may require research into which plants are safe or toxic to children and pets.

Q4. How do I know which plants are safe for children and pets?
A4. Research into the different varieties of plants is essential to making sure wall gardens are safe for people and pets around the home. Make sure to research the particular plants and their requirements to ensure a safe and healthy wall garden.

Q5. Is it hard to create a wall garden?
A5. Creating a wall garden can require some research and labour if done by yourself, but pre-made wall gardens are available to give you a head start. If you are looking for a more complex wall garden, there are professionals and interior solutions companies that can guide you through the process.

Hidden Garden Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants 2
Hidden Garden: Natural Vibes with Wall Gardens and Hanging Plants

What You Can Achieve by Having a Wall Garden

Having a wall garden in your home or workplace offers a number of benefits. It gives the feeling of being in a lush landscape while still having all the convenience of indoors. Wall gardens can also create a space for reflective conversations, even help to buffer sound levels between rooms and provide the positive psychological effects of plants.

Wall gardens are also a sustainable option for both indoors and outdoors. There are options for those who want to bring the beauty of nature indoors without the pressure or horticultural know-how at the same time minimizing the ecological impact of gardening.

At the same time, having a wall garden is an affordable way to bring exquisite visuals and natural aural vibes into the environment. Set up a regular schedule for maintenance and voila, one can have a wall garden of stylish foliage with minimal effort.


Having wall gardens and hanging plants is a great way to bring nature indoors, be it for space or gardening problems. Be it a simple hanging pot or a complex trellis garden, one will be left with something that looks amazingly exotic and can effect the air we breathe in a positive way.

Wall gardens and hanging pots are an affordable and ecologically-minded way to make your space greener and more picturesque. With the right knowledge and research, anyone can have their own wall garden and reap the benefits of added greenery.

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