Innovative Interiors: Modern Living Room Trends to Follow

We live in a time of world of technological marvels, where the latest technology and innovations hold a special place in our daily lives. It’s no surprise then that we’re increasingly wanting to bring that same level of innovation and modernity into the spaces we call home. Living rooms are frequently one of the spaces we invest most heavily in when it comes to making a house a home, so it’s essential to be sure that we’re creating a modern and inviting atmosphere.

What innovative design trends and looks should homeowners lean into when furnishing their living room? What techniques can be used to create a living space that is timeless and modern? To help answer these questions, let’s take a look at a few of the modern trends in interior design, giving homeowners examples of ways to uplevel the look and feel of their space.

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Innovative Interiors: Modern Living Room Trends to Follow

Streamlined and Minimal

One of the most defining trends in modern interior design is a look that focuses on creating a streamlined and minimal atmosphere. This style includes the use of strong geometric shapes, modern colors, and a focus on minimalistic furniture that provides a modern look. The idea for streamlined and minimal just so happens to overlap perfectly with the increasing trend toward a more simplistic lifestyle, with many homeowners wanting to forgo large and intrusive pieces of furniture or decorative items in favor of cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing pieces.

Utilizing colors

Modern interior design doesn’t solely rely on the use of minimalist furniture and styles. Color choices in modern spaces are often bold and bright, with many homeowners experimenting in bright colors and playfully designed walls. Homeowners that want to create a modern and fun atmosphere without dramatically altering wall color choices can opt to utilize bold furniture colors that can act as the focal point of the room.

Geometric patterns

Another trend in modern interior design that’s gaining a lot of traction is the use of geometric shapes within the living room. Many homeowners opt for accent walls to create a bold look that stands out and helps visitors identify the home as an abode of modern style. Geometric shapes are also popularly used in tile designs for bathrooms and kitchens, and can be used in the living room to act as the shining centerpiece of a modern interior design.

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Innovative Interiors: Modern Living Room Trends to Follow

Modern accent pieces

Besides utilizing bold colors and clean geometric shapes, modern interior design trends heavily utilize unique accent pieces that give the space a customized and unique look. That doesn’t necessarily mean having to fill the room with art, but rather utilizing furniture, throw pillows, and other decorative items in color, shape, and fabric choices that create a modern visual identity.

Lighting Choices

Creating a modern look in the living room isn’t only reliant upon the furniture or decorative pieces within the space. Lighting choices can be an incredibly powerful tool in composing a modern exterior, with natural light, track lighting, and LED strip lighting all being popular trends. Homeowners can also opt to utilize a combination of different light options within the space to create an inviting yet modern look that emphasizes areas of the room where visitors and homeowners want to congregate.

Themes and Statements

Modern interior design is often an expression of the homeowner’s personal style. A living space can still be modern and inviting while telling a personal story that’s unique to the owner’s experience. Homeowners looking to make a bold statement can look to create a custom thematically designed space that focuses on creating a conversation piece for the visitors who enter.

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Innovative Interiors: Modern Living Room Trends to Follow


1. What kind of furniture is best for a modern living room?

Furniture that is modern and minimal is best for modern living rooms. Consider geometric shapes, strong details, and colors that provide a pop of vibrancy to the space.

2. How important is lighting in a modern living room?

Lighting is an important part of any modern living room design. Different lighting sources can be used to create an inviting atmosphere while maintaining the modern appeal of the space.

3. Are themes important for modern living rooms?

Themes are not essential for modern interior design, however can be a great way to let the homeowner create a space that expresses their individual style and preferences.

4. How can accent pieces be used to create a modern look?

Accent pieces, such as furniture, pillows, and other items can be used in color, shape, and fabric to create a modern identity unique to the home.

5. What type of accent wall works best in a modern living room?

Geometric shapes are a popular choice when creating an accent wall in a modern living room. Bold colors can also be used to create a bright and entertaining atmosphere.

Modern interior design is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners that are wanting to create an atmosphere that is both inviting and stylish. By following some of the modern trends highlighted in this article, such as utilizing colors, accent pieces, and themes, any homeowner can feel confident in their ability to create a living space that feels timeless yet modern.

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