Luxe Lodge Living: A Sophisticated Christmas Escape in Your Home

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are dreaming of a luxurious/upmarket Christmas retreat. The thought of a cozy cabin in the woods, a ski lodge in the mountains, or a beach-side villa can be incredibly alluring. However, for many of us, time, money, or other restraints prevent us from actually making the physical journey to such a getaway.

Fortunately, modern day luxury has come to our fingertips and now classic lodge style living is available right in our own homes. Luxe Lodge Living provides a warm, inviting setting to explore all of the Christmas season feels right from the comfort of home. Here is why this trend is quickly growing in popularity and a few tips on how to create your own sophisticated Christmas getaway in your home.

Luxe Lodge Living: A Sophisticated Christmas Escape in Your Home

Bring on the Christmas Luxe

Luxury lodge living is a growing trend which combines the high-end furnishings of a chic hotel room, with the inviting, cozy atmosphere of an classic family Christmas dinner. By incorporating elements of both living spaces, you can create a modern, yet traditional environment that will instantly become your favorite spot to enjoy Christmas.

Ultra-luxe elements like fur throws, cozy fabrics, and sleek leather furniture, bring sophistication and warmth to any living room. Jewel tones like emerald green and glitter gold, evoke the Christmas theme with a classy modern twist. Adding natural wood pieces, velvet pillows, and mood lighting provide the perfect backdrop for a traditional family gathering. The best part is that all of these pieces coordinate to create a warm, inviting environment that truly encapsulates the vibes of classic lodge living.

Luxe Lodge Living: A Sophisticated Christmas Escape in Your Home

Christmas Comfort at Your Fingertips

Getting a high-end Christmas experience is only a few clicks away with online stores such as Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and Houzz. All of these stores make it easy to curate a beautiful lodge-style living environment with just a few clicks of a button. From over-sized rugs to statement furniture pieces, these stores have everything you need to create a cozy home.

For those looking for one-of-a-kind organic elements, antique stores are the way to go. These shops offer unique, handcrafted pieces from past decades that possess a rustic charm that no online store can emulate. From handmade tree stocking holders to wooden decor, these elements bring that extra level of sophistication while helping to pull the room together.

Luxe Lodge Living: A Sophisticated Christmas Escape in Your Home

DIY Christmas Green

No one will ever know that you put this extraordinary holiday abode together all by yourself. Crafting a large-scale decoration requires a great deal of creativity. To start, bringing the outside in is a great way to begin. Pinecones, fresh cut branches, and winter greenery, help to bring an extra layer of comfort to any room.

Also think outside the box when it comes to traditional decorations. Christmas cards and family photos add a personal touch that makes the room feel even more inviting. Then, add in hanging ornaments made from everyday items like wood slices painted with the family’s name, twine, and jingle bells. There are endless crafty possibilities that really bring your luxe lodge dreams to life.

Luxe Lodge Living: A Sophisticated Christmas Escape in Your Home


Q1. Does Luxe Lodge Living require a lot of money and effort?
A1. No, Luxe Lodge Living can be achieved with just a few simple pieces. For those who don’t want to search for secondhand pieces, most online stores have cost-effective options that still retain a luxurious appeal. Additionally, DIY elements can be crafted with little materials and effort to really make the room pop.

Q2. Is Luxe Lodge Living only for the holidays?
A2. Absolutely not! Though Luxe Lodge is very much in Christmas season spirit, the pieces can seamlessly transition your living space into a sophisticated oasis that you can enjoy all year round.

Q3. Is Luxe Lodge Living difficult to design?
A3. Not at all! With the easily accessible pieces at online stores, and the helpful guide for creating handmade elements, you will have your Luxe Lodge up in no time.

Q4. Does Luxe Lodge Living spark emotions?
A4. Absolutely. Luxe Lodge Living evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and safety – all of which are associated with the sense of home. It’s the perfect mood to relax and make memories in.

Q5. Can Luxe Lodge Living be customized?
A5. Definitely. The best part of Luxe Lodge Living is that you can create it to fit your own personal style. There are endless pieces to choose from that make it simple to mix and match.

Propose Your Luxe Escape

This holiday season, propose an escape to your home. Transform it into a sophisticated lodge that is worthy of all the Instagram posts you can post. Luxe Lodge Living provides an affordable, yet up-scale Christmas Experience that you and your family will never forget. Indulge in the Christmas spirit of comfort and joy with Luxe Lodge Living.

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