Redefining Tradition: Modern Twists in Traditional Living Rooms

Living rooms are often the heart of a home, a place for families to relax, talk and watch movies together. However, they can also be outdated, cluttered and slightly depressing, prompting homeowners to explore new ways of transitioning to a modern space. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to take traditional living rooms and give them modern twists –redefining traditional living rooms for the twenty-first century.

This article will help you find out how to perfectly blend traditional living rooms with modern features, add in a few trendy elements, and make it best suited for the families of today.

Redefining Tradition Modern Twists in Traditional Living Rooms 1
Redefining Tradition: Modern Twists in Traditional Living Rooms

How to Scheme and Furnish Traditional Living Rooms

When it comes to furnishing traditional living rooms, there are certain elements that will help create the right atmosphere. Traditional decor often includes a few key pieces – anything from classic furniture styles to antique accessories – and can be accentuated with bold colors, large patterned rugs, zigzagged throw pillows and patterned wallpaper.

A great way to give a traditional living room a modern twist is to incorporate trendy pieces – such as sleek consoles and statement furniture – alongside the classic furniture pieces and vintage elements. This will create an eclectic vibe, giving the room a fresh and contemporary feel.

Adding Pop of Colors

Colors play a key role when it comes to redesigning traditional living rooms. To achieve a modern look in a traditional space, try adding in a few bright pops of colors here and there. Inject a vibrancy to the room with bright-hued furniture and accessories. For instance, why not add a bright-orange pillow to a grey classic sofa, or opt for a colorful rug to finish off the room’s color scheme?

If you prefer the traditional feel, try to play around with color shades instead. Use an understated palette of muted colors that fall within the same range, allowing the room to feel elegant, yet modern.

Incorporating Art and Wallpaper

Another great way to make a traditional living room more modern is to incorporate artworks and wallpaper. For an easy and inexpensive option, opt for a large statement painting or a flower canvas – this will add a dramatic effect to the space.

If you’re looking for a unique design, why not try urbane wallpaper prints or papier-mâché art? This will create a visually stunning backdrop for matching classic furniture pieces.

Common Missteps to Keep Away From

When planning to redesign a traditional living room, it’s important to keep in mind a few common pitfalls. Before investing in any furniture pieces or decorative items, decide on a clear theme that’s best-suited for the room. Also, look for furniture pieces that offer ample storage; this will avoid the room being too cluttered or disorganized.

Finally, try to mix-match different textures—this will add detail and depth to the room. Try adding wicker baskets, lamb’s wool throws, silky curtains and anything that’s a little different.

Redefining Tradition Modern Twists in Traditional Living Rooms 3
Redefining Tradition: Modern Twists in Traditional Living Rooms


1. What is the best way to design a traditional living room?

The best way to design a traditional living room is to incorporate trendy pieces alongside classic furniture pieces and vintage elements. Accentuate the room with bold colors, patterns, and layered textures. Incorporate artworks and wallpapers to enrich the space and make it unique.

2. Should I use a color palette for a traditional living room?

Absolutely. Colors can either be incorporated through bright pops of color or muted shades for a more traditional feel. It is important to avoid common pitfalls such as too much or too little color, clashing hues, and too many different patterns.

3. How do I add a modern twist to a traditional living room?

Adding a modern twist to a traditional living room can be done with a few simple items. Try adding in trendy pieces like sleek consoles and statement furniture, as well as bright-hued furniture and accessories. Opt for wallpaper prints or papier-mâché art to add a visually stunning backdrop against traditional furniture pieces.

4. What types of furniture should I use in a traditional living room?

In a traditional living room, consider furniture pieces such as couches, chairs, and occasional tables. Choose pieces that offer ample storage to reduce clutter, and opt for a mix of textures where possible.

5. Is it important to include art in a traditional living room?

Yes, art is an important element to include in a traditional living room. It adds an element of interest and depth, and can be added easily and inexpensively. Consider statement paintings or flower canvases, as well as wallpaper prints and papier-mâché art.

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