Scandi-Boho Blend: Infusing Bohemian Vibes into Your Living Space

Are you short on ideas of how to create a unique and personalized atmosphere for your living space? Improved warmth and coziness doesn’t have to be hard, and with the world of interior design constantly expanding with new designs and styles, it’s easy to choose something that best fits your taste, lifestyle, and fashion sense. One trend that’s been constantly growing as of lately is a combination of Scandinavian and Bohemian interior design – otherwise known as Scandi-Boho Blend.

The Scandi-Boho Blend is a great way to bring together modern minimalism with the elegance of Bohemian style. Boasting an eye-catching combination of earthy materials and vibrant hues, this type of design is sure to give your living space a unique, homey feel.

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Scandi-Boho Blend: Infusing Bohemian Vibes into Your Living Space

How to Create the Scandi-Boho Blend

Though blending two drastically different styles may seem like a complicated task, creating Scandi-Boho Blend is actually quite easy and fun. All you need to do is remember to stick to the basics of each style while making sure to mix together neutral colors and textures. If you’re uncertain of which pieces to purchase to bring your dream design to life, have no fear – we’ve got you covered.

Style Guide

When it comes to creating a Scandi-Boho Blend, the style guide is to begin by investing in some minimalistic furniture and paint colors. To decrease any confusion, stick to only two main colors and use them to decorate both the walls and furniture. We recommend choosing either neutral whites and beiges, or for a slight but captivating pop of color, pastels such as a soft blue.

Next, add define the area with some accents. These accents should be made out of natural materials, such as wood and stone, and sport warmer colors, including blues, oranges, and pinks. You can find these items anywhere; just remember to stay true to the Scandi-Boho vibe by incorporating a few raw materials such as woven baskets, or metal accents.

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Scandi-Boho Blend: Infusing Bohemian Vibes into Your Living Space


The fun doesn’t end at furniture and accents – accessories are just as important when creating your Scandi-Boho Blend. Because this type of design is all about bringing together different elements, mix up the shape and material of your accessories. Some items you can add are vintage rugs, animal-inspired art, plants with unique ceramic pots, and odd-shaped lamps.

Interspersing the neutral and vibrant is key here, so making sure to add enough of both is essential. Once you’ve added all your items, stand back and admire your work!

Design Tips

However, this isn’t an exact science – it’s all about playing around with different items and seeing which ones work best for you! To make sure your design is successful, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

1. If you’re worried about the design becoming too busy due to the mixture of colors and textures, neutralize the entire room by adding a beige rug or a warm white headboard.

2. If you want to make a subtle statement, consider adding an armchair or sofa with patterned upholstery – this can be a great way to add life and vibrancy to your room.

3. Finally, instead of unnecessary shelves or large wall frames, the best way to display your items is by alternating wall hangings of various materials and colors. This will not only save space, but also ensure your room looks homey and modern at the same time.


1. What is a Scandi-Boho Blend?

A Scandi-Boho Blend is a style of interior design that combines traditional Scandinavian and modern Bohemian elements. This style is known for its earthy, natural materials, warm colors, and raw accents.

2. What furniture should I invest in to create the Scandi-Boho Blend?

When it comes to furniture, stick to minimalistic pieces like sofas, beds, and dressers. To add personality to your space, it’s important to also find accents and accessories such as vintage rugs, animal-inspired art, and plants with unique ceramic pots.

3. What colors and textures should I use?

For colors, stick to two main colors: either neutral whites and beiges, or a soft pastel color like blue. As for textures, make sure to intersperse the room with natural materials like wood and stone to create a cozy atmosphere.

4. Are there any specific design tips to consider when creating a Scandi-Boho Blend?

Yes! To begin with, make sure to add enough of both neutral and vibrant elements. Also, consider adding patterned upholstery to your furniture pieces to make a subtle statement, and to avoid overcrowding the room, use wall hangings to display items.

5. Is there an emotion associated with Scandi-Boho style?

Yes, the Scandi-Boho style is all about creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. By mixing together colors and textures, and by interspersing the room with natural materials, you’ll be able to create a unique and personalized living space that reflects your own style and charm.

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Scandi-Boho Blend: Infusing Bohemian Vibes into Your Living Space

In Closing

If you’re looking to design a warm yet modern living space, the Scandi-Boho Blend is the perfect way to make a statement. With the right furniture, colors, and accessories, you’ll be able to create an inviting atmosphere that’s sure to provide you with a comforting ambience. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating a unique design for your living space today!

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