Velvet Vibes: Plush and Posh Christmas Living Room Ideas

Christmas is a magical time of year, and Christmas decorations play a vital role in transforming your home into a winter wonderland. But when it comes to your living room, it’s all the more important to get it looking its best for the festive season. With this in mind, it’s time to be inspired to create the ultimate velvet vibe with plush and posh Christmas living room ideas.

Velvet Vibes Plush and Posh Christmas Living Room Ideas 3
Velvet Vibes: Plush and Posh Christmas Living Room Ideas

Add a Touch of Luxurious Velvet

If you’re looking for a way to bring a feeling of sumptuousness to all of your Christmas preparations, then adding a touch of velvet is the perfect way to do just that. Rich and inviting, velvet furniture is one way to instantly bring about a feeling of warmth to any room. Be it a sofa, an armchair, or a statement pouffe, you can’t go wrong with adding velvet furniture to give a room a luxurious and festive flair. This is especially true when it comes to bright, Christmassy hues such as emerald green, midnight blue and gold.

Update Textiles, Cushions and Throws

It’s not just furniture that can bring a touch of velvet vibes to your living room. If you’re feeling a little hesitant about bringing such a bold and luxurious item of furniture in, then you can always opt to liven up your living room with updated textiles, cushions and throws in a range of velvet textures. From ruffles and pleats to chenille and corduroy, you can easily create a modern style that is both festive and inviting – perfect for Christmas Day celebrations.

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Velvet Vibes: Plush and Posh Christmas Living Room Ideas

Add Statement Patterns

Christmas decorations often come with a sense of tradition, so why not bring a modern twist to your festive decorations by including some bold and vibrant patterns? Whether you opt for floral designs, ethnic patterns, or a classic seasonal print, it’s certain to give your living room an uplifting colour boost.

Try Out Holiday Decorations

You can also introduce festive florals to your living space in the form of stylish wreaths and decorate your mantlepiece with evergreen sprigs. Or, why not hang a few stockings andooky decorations. With festive textiles, a few pops of colour, and statement pieces, the room is sure to be filled with Christmas cheer!

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Velvet Vibes: Plush and Posh Christmas Living Room Ideas

Let There Be Light

When it comes to Christmas decorations, adding a few fairy lights to warm up the atmosphere has become a modern day classic. Whether you opt for twinkling stars, lanterns, reindeers or snowflakes, you’re sure to enjoy the warm, inviting, and festive ambience your fairy lights will provide.

Get Creative with Metallic Touches

If you’re looking for the ultimate festive sparkle, do not fear, as metallics are your friend. Whether it’s gold, silver or brass, metallic tones can be applied in many different decorations throughout the room. From large striking metallic wallpaper behind your fireplace to tablescapes with decorations set atop a stand-out metallic tray, there’s plenty of ways to get creative with metallics and truly bring the room to life.

Velvet Vibes Plush and Posh Christmas Living Room Ideas 2
Velvet Vibes: Plush and Posh Christmas Living Room Ideas

Get Creative with a Festive Centrepiece

Another great way to truly get into the festive spirit is to create the perfect centrepiece. Whether it’s experiencing the beauty of nature with a pot of evergreen branches, creating a statement concentrated display of Christmas decorations, or simply putting out a platter of festive snacks and snacks, whatever you decide on, a festive centrepiece is the perfect way to express your holiday spirit!

Make Storage Space Magical

Storage is an important part of any home, and the festive season is the perfect time to truly get creative. Whether you opt for baskets, containers and boxes, get creative with wrapping and stick to the colour scheme of your living room to make storage lookmerry and bright.


1. What type of materials and textures should I use for a plush and posh Christmas living room?

Velvet is definitely the key to achieving the plush and posh look you’re going for in your living room. Other textures and materials you can use include ruffles, pleats, chenille, corduroy, metallic tones, and evergreen branches for added festive flair.

2. Do I have to stick to traditional Christmas colours?

Not necessarily! Traditional Christmas colours are always festive – think reds, greens, and golds – but you can also use pastels, silver, and other colours in line with your chosen velvet ethos.

3. How can I bring a magical winter feel to my living room?

Bring the winter magic to life with fairy lights! Whether it’s high up hung as twinkling stars, curved around furniture, or draped along the fireplace mantel, stringing up some fairy lights is the perfect way to bring about the festive spirit.

4. How do I create a festive centrepiece?

Get creative and allow your personality to shine through with a festive centrepiece. Create a statement concentrated display of Christmas decorations, or put a plate of festive treats on a striking metallic tray. This is also perfect for displaying holiday cards and festive photos!

5. How can I make storage merry and bright?

To make storage merry and bright, use baskets and containers that are the same colour as your living room and create a festive theme. Wrap the baskets in classic Christmas wrappings and fragrant evergreen branches to ensure your storageobjects look both attractive and functional for a truly festive feel.

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